electronic media artist


(1986,  4:18' loop, Fairlight computer animation, SD video triptych)   


"... The camera moves through a labyrinthine network of Renaissance perspectives drawn by Jan Vredeman De Vries [1527-1604]. The camera or the fictitious protagonists invariably re-encounter the same hallways, the same spaces, as though collapsing towards a vanishing point within themselves. On their endlessly recursive trajectory they intersect with images of a world eaten away by radioactive fallout after a nuclear war. The light is icy and silvery. These intersecting spaces also represent realms of the unconscious, of memory and dreams. They create a world according to the vision of the artist – a virtual world, more real than reality, a world whose spatial elements create a dimension, which also exists in time: “time-based art”." 

Robert A. Fischer, 1989