electronic media artist

A N D R O I D  P L A N T

(1982, 2 b/w video channels, 2 monitors, speakers, paper, acrylic, TCM doll, dimensions variable)   

 Installation at the Whitney Museum Independent Studio Program, New York, 1982

Eight anamorphic human paper figures flank two video monitors positioned some distance away from the rear wall. The monitor on the left shows a newspaper graphic, delineating the path of the January 13, 1982 plane crash into the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac River just two miles from the White House. On the right channel a POV video with a male nude playing an electronic game. Pinned on the wall are colored paper shapes: a landscape with cities and missile bases, target crosses, ballistic trajectories, explosion clouds and jet planes rendering a screenshot from the video game Missile Command.