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Computer Animation, HD 1920 x1080 px, 47 sec. loop, 

Hardcover video book, edition of  20  + 2 AP
CHF 1’750
CHF 1’500 for members of the Kunstverein St.Gallen

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My work has been rooted in my own everyday life, merged with simultaneous observations from science and art history. In Endless Dream Co. I remodeled the room, where I was quarantined during the pandemic. The title references the stranded protagonists in the novels of J. G. Ballard. While I worked on the piece, the motif of ice seemed to be appear throughout, shaping the narrative. I found inspiration in such diverse sources as the Ice nine in Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, news articles on the creation of a newly discovered medium-density amorphous form of ice, reports on the search for life on the ice moons of giant gas planets, and even an unlikely bed of ice cubes in front of a hydrant on Allen Street, Lower East Side, my regular route to my studio … , etc.»

The hardcover video book and the box are bound in printed linen by bookbinder Bettina Zeitz.  Upon opening the lid, a computer animation with sound will automatically play on the integrated LCD screen. A mini USB port and mini USB cable (included) allow you to recharge the battery from a computer or cell phone charger.

Also available as NFT. It’s the first NFT published by the Kunstverein St. Gallen

NFT: Computer Animation, HD 1920 x1080 px, 4 loops @ 47 sec, 

edition of 5

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