electronic media artist



(2013, 32:00', HD, stereo)


Indian Records is a compilation of video vignettes, singular acts amidst the everyday and nondescript, caught by happenstance during an artist residency in India from October 2012 to January 2013.

A pivotal moment in my stay occurred on the day I was traveling by car from Delhi to Agra. The road appeared to me like a carpet that unrolled in a constant process of amazing genesis. Dust, gunk and colors emerged from the fallow light and momentarily congealed as people, fauna, flora and commodities – instants of evanescent life, each beautiful and unique, all too quickly fading in the rear view mirror.

Captured on a variety of openly wielded and concealed cameras, the pieces reflect a deeply personal look at a society obsessed with recording and archiving everything.


Originally published as part of a video blog