electronic media artist



Public Spaces - Private Strangers - Temporal Attractions

(2011, loops, various lengths, triptych, HD video, 27" flatscreen monitors)


The triptych presents multiple spatial aspects of a single video, shot with a hidden camera. Although I stood next to these two women in the New Museum, I only saw what happened between them whilst viewing the footage. Slowed down and endlessly looped, they are like pendulum clocks that swing in unison and return to synchrony regardless of how they were started, stopped or otherwise disturbed - a phenomenon first discovered in 1665 by Dutch astronomer and physicist Christian Huygens and by now detected in a multitude of oscillatory systems, from organ pipes to lasers to electronic and atomic oscillations.

When mingling among strangers I often carry a covert video camera at hand to capture glimpses of a reality that is not disturbed by the presence of a perceived observer.