electronic media artist


coded fluorescent light

(2016, 5:55' loop, video installation for 3 HD monitors (≥65"), frame-synchronized video playback, dimensions variable)


Video rebus. The random flickering of a failing light bulb in a Varanasi garage is dragooned into sync with various visual and aural codes

so as to recite the following text from the Rigveda.


MAY Surya guard us out of heaven, and Vata from the firmament,

And Agni from terrestrial spots.



Thou Savitar whose flame deserves hundred libations, be thou pleased:

From failing lightning keep us safe.



May Savitar the God, and may Parvata also give us sight;

May the Creator give us sight.



Give sight unto our eye, give thou our bodies sight that they may see:

May we survey, discern this world.



Thus, Surya, may we look on thee, on thee most lovely to behold,

See clearly with the eyes of men.